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Heatmaps colorize the text, using bright colors to call attention to repetitious words. The deeper the color, the denser the word frequency.

Break purple sentences into smaller clauses to reduce confusion; this improves content readability.

Adverbs noticeably weaken verbs. There are general style mistakes illuminated and and the passive voice is highlighted with blue. Steer clear of cliches, which often make the text tired and predictable.

Swift, Precise Edits

Common pitfalls, typos, and errors jump from the page in a clean, minimalist design.

Load in your text, sweep away highlighted issues, and enjoy your work.

Screen Documents for Subtle Issues


Overused words jump from the text.

Passive Voice

Prevent overuse of the passive structure.


Highlight modifiers weakening your verbs.


Instantly spot tired cliches.


Track complexity for your target audience.

General Style

Catch accidentally repeated words and idioms.

An absolute must-have for anyone who writes. Hands-down the best choice among editing applications.

Geoffrey, Writer

We ALL need editing, and my human one is a busy guy. This could be a real help.

Mary, Teacher

Work Offline

Anywhere. Anytime. No internet required.

Plain Text

No more copy / paste / repeat. Save and open files with ease.

Long Documents

Novels. Reports. Long and short.

Windows Version

Supports Windows 7 and above

Apple OS X Version

Supports OS X 10.9 and above

How to Use